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Summer Feet! April 02 2015


Are your feet Summer ready? Get them ready with these easy DIY natural feet wraps and be ready in no time at all!

All you'll need: 

  • Coconut Oil

  • Plastic Wrap

  • A pair of socks

    Do this before going to bed.  Cover your feet in the coconut oil.  Wrap your feet with the plastic wrap and put socks on.

    Have sweet dreams.

    Whala! Wake up to smooth feet and rock your barefoot sandals! Get outside and enjoy showing them off!

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    Sale Pricing Extended Through Summer! July 07 2014

    Sale Pricing Extended Through Summer!

    We've had such a great response with our 'Bring On Summer Sale', we're keeping the good times going! Sale pricing has been extended through Summer on our entire Goddess Collection of Barefoot Sandals!

    Benefits of Walking Barefoot! July 01 2014

    Kick off those shoes and go barefoot! The benefits might surprise you...

    Our feet are made up of an intricate network of nerves and reflex points and they pick up free electrons from the earth’s surface. Walking barefoot, or earthing, helps to reduce stress, relieve headaches and cramps, boost your immune system, and improve blood pressure! It is said to also help with insomnia, so relax and take a barefoot walk along the beach before bed...that just sounds like it would give an overall sense of well-being!

    Not only does walking barefoot stretch and strengthen the muscles in your feet, ankles and calves but it also strengthens your core and helps your posture. This is because it works muscles that are not used when we wear shoes. What a simple and inexpensive way to help your overall health!

    Did you know that Ancient Egyptians, Hindus and Greeks saw little need for footwear and, most of the time, preferred being barefoot? They did however make some use of ornamental footwear, such as a sole-less sandal known as a "Cleopatra”.

    Enjoy all the benefits of going barefoot this summer and walk like an Egyptian in a pair of our Barefoot Sandals!

    Healthy Feet Are Happy Feet! June 23 2014

    Show off your healthy, happy feet this Summer in a pair of barefoot sandals!

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    Bring On Summer Sale! June 13 2014

    Get ready for Summer with our 'Bring On Summer' pricing!

    Inventory has been restocked and you can take advantage of our special pricing on all of our Goddess Collection pieces!

    Be sure to place your order by July 4th. Bring On Summer pricing valid 6/13/14  - 7/4/14

    Super Silky Summer Legs! June 11 2014

    Barefoot Sandals By Iris

    Bohemian style Barefoot Sandals

    Get Your Feet Summer Ready! May 31 2014


    Summer is fast approaching, keeping your feet healthy is a must. Here's a simple homemade DIY exfoliating foot scrub recipe. Free from chemicals and you can even use organic ingredients.

    All you need is 1 TBSP each Brown Sugar, Baking Soda and Olive Oil. A couple drops of lavender oil is optional.

    This scrub is super easy to and can be done quickly before a shower.  Chances are you have these ingredients in your home already.

    Mix together all three ingredients. Optional- add a couple drops of essential oil, we suggest lavender. Apply the scrub on your feet, and any other rough areas like elbows or knees. Massage in and rinse off.  If your feet are really dry or cracked, use a pumice stone on those areas before you rinse off. Don't forget to apply cream after your shower and even socks if your heading to bed. 

    That's it! Now, show off those feet with a beautiful pair of barefoot sandals!

    Turn Your Photo into a Work of Art! April 21 2014

    Photos that are high resolution .jpg images look best.  White ink does not print onto the wood; therefore any white area in your photo will take on the characteristics and color of the wood. Clouds look amazing on a wood print; the cloud cutout as wood against the blue sky! The wood grain and knots on each piece of wood varies and will give your photo a unique print. Photos will either be printed landscape or portrait, the layout depending upon how the photo is received.

    Get to know 805 Seaside Studio! April 09 2014

    We've just launched our new 2014 Spring collection of Barefoot Sandals.  They are super sexy and very comfortable! Wear them with or without shoes.  Great for the beach, poolside, yoga or just out and about. They are handmade and each is unique.  Most of our styles are not duplicated so get them while they last!